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Painting with natural soil, as the word itself, has born from the earth.
It is from the collection and sorting of different soils that spring and flow the colors.

After crushed and tamped soil, left to dry in the sun to deprive it of moisture, it is grinded and sifted, and receive a powder more or less thick, depending on the needs of the artist.

Finally, to ensure that the soil can be brought on the canvas, we must produce a glue, which is also natural, using a resin solution of fruit trees and water. This liquid will be used to knead the "colors" of natural soils.

Done this you've only to get a tripod, canvases, brushes and a good rate of creative talent.
For any advice and/or suggestion regarding applied techniques and materials used, please contact me via the section "Contacts" in this website. I'll be very glad to answer ...